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Smart desk lamp with wireless charging LED Night Light Bedside Desk Lamp With BT Music Speaker

Enhance Your Space with the Smart Wireless Charger Tree Table Lamp, a Multifunctional LED Night Light and BT Music Speaker for Your Room! 🌳💡🎶

Desk Lamp with Wireless Charging

Introducing the Smart Wireless Charger Tree Table Lamp, the perfect addition to your bedside table or desk. This innovative lamp combines the functionality of a wireless charger, a versatile LED night light, and a BT music speaker to create a delightful ambiance in your room.

🌳 Nature-Inspired Design: The lamp features a unique tree-shaped design, bringing a touch of nature into your space. Its elegant and modern aesthetic adds a decorative element to any room, making it a beautiful and functional accessory.

💡 Adjustable Lighting Modes: The LED night light offers multiple lighting modes to suit your preferences and needs. Choose from warm white light for a cozy atmosphere, cool white light for a brighter ambiance, or a gentle color-changing mode for a playful and soothing effect.

🎶 Built-in BT Music Speaker: Immerse yourself in your favorite tunes with the lamp's built-in BT music speaker. Connect your smartphone or other devices wirelessly and enjoy high-quality sound while relaxing or working. Create the perfect ambiance by combining light and music to enhance your mood.

🔌 Convenient Wireless Charging: Charge your compatible devices effortlessly with the integrated wireless charging pad. Simply place your Qi-enabled smartphone or other devices on the designated charging area, and enjoy the convenience of cable-free charging.

📱 Versatile Connectivity: In addition to wireless charging and BT connectivity, the lamp also offers a USB port and an auxiliary input, allowing you to connect and charge other devices or play music from various sources.

⏰ User-Friendly Features: The lamp includes intuitive touch controls for easy operation. Adjust the brightness, change lighting modes, or play/pause music with a simple touch. The built-in timer function enables you to set automatic shut-off after a specified period, providing convenience and energy efficiency.

💤 Sleep-Friendly Companion: The lamp's warm light and adjustable brightness make it an ideal bedside companion. Use it as a soft night light to create a relaxing ambiance and facilitate a good night's sleep.

Transform your room into a serene and enjoyable space with the Smart Wireless Charger Tree Table Lamp. Visit our website today to explore its features, specifications, and how it can enhance your room's atmosphere. Elevate your environment with this multifunctional and stylish lighting solution. 🌳💡🎶

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