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Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine

Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine

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Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine for EMS TENS Muscle Stimulation

Experience unparalleled foot relief with our Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine, designed to enhance your well-being through EMS and TENS muscle stimulation. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, or just looking to unwind, this advanced foot massager is your ultimate solution for total foot rejuvenation.


Eliminate Agonizing Foot Pain & Discomfort at Home


Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine |Diversi

Our feet endure extended hours of bearing our weight each day, causing foot tissues to absorb pressure and shock. This often leads to chronic foot pain, swelling, neuropathy, edema, or plantar fasciitis.

Over time, the tension and stress on your feet can result in inflammation and soreness. This can manifest as sharp, stabbing pain in your heel, eventually leading to chronic pain that radiates to your ankles and even legs.

Using the Diversi Fusion Foot Massager for just 25 minutes a day targets critical areas in the foot, releases damaging tension, and alleviates pain. Enjoy healthier feet and a happier you.


How Does It Work?


The Diversi Fusion Foot Massager targets the root cause of your pain using advanced TENS & NEMS technology for neuromuscular electrical stimulation.

This technology gently soothes tight and achy muscles in your feet, providing almost immediate relief from foot pain and soreness.

  • TENS & NEMS Technology: Equipped with micro-currents for neuromuscular electrical stimulation, this helps activate muscles and improve blood flow through electric impulses.

  • Full Hands-Free Self-Massage System: Includes 8 body pads that help relieve muscle aches in various areas: calf, shoulder, back, waist, arm, etc. The foot and body pads can be used simultaneously or separately. It also includes a foot massage roller for plantar fasciitis relief.

  • Customizable Bioelectric Waveforms: Offers 99 intensity levels, 25 massage modes, and acupuncture techniques to improve foot neuropathy.


Easy, Safe & Effective


Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine |Diversi
  • Ergonomic Design: The massager snugly fits the contours of your feet, featuring 8 electrode pads with upgraded solid gel, ensuring every arch and sole receives a thorough massage.

  • Portable & Easy To Use: No need to bend down to turn the massager on or off. Simply lay your feet on the massager and select your preferred mode and intensity for a hassle-free experience.

  • Personalized Treatment: The smart massage function offers various massage modes and intensity levels, allowing you to customize your massage experience for maximum comfort and relief.


Reverse All Foot Damages


Foot pain, soreness, and ailments like plantar fasciitis can wreak havoc on your life, making everyday activities a constant reminder of your discomfort.

Today, you have the power to make a change. By eliminating your pain, the Diversi Fusion Foot Massager creates additional benefits such as:

  • Elevation in Mood
  • Improved Mobility
  • Amazing Foot Health and Confidence
  • A Pain-Free Life



Key Features:


Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine |Diversi
  • Vibrating Foot Massager: Soothes tired feet with powerful vibrations, providing deep tissue relief and promoting relaxation.
  •  Infrared Physiotherapy: Utilizes infrared heat therapy to improve blood circulation, reduce inflammation, and accelerate muscle recovery. This function is specially designed to penetrate deeply into muscle tissues, offering significant therapeutic benefits.
  •  Electric Circulation Machine: Boosts foot circulation, alleviating swelling and discomfort, perfect for those who spend long hours on their feet.
  • EMS & TENS Muscle Stimulation: Dual technology that stimulates muscles and nerves, offering pain relief and enhancing muscle function. This is complemented by EPT (Electrical Pulse Therapy), which adds an extra layer of therapeutic effectiveness.
  •  Adjustable Settings: Customize your massage experience with multiple intensity levels and modes to suit your comfort needs.
  •  Portable & Easy to Use: Compact design makes it convenient for home use or travel, ensuring you can enjoy foot therapy anywhere, anytime.




Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine |Diversi
  • Infrared Physiotherapy: Targeted infrared therapy to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension.
  •  Relieve Pain & Improve Circulation: Specifically designed to alleviate pain and boost blood flow in the feet, aiding in recovery and relaxation.
  •  EMS + TENS + EPT: Advanced muscle stimulation technologies work together to provide comprehensive pain relief and muscle recovery.


Advanced Foot Care Technology for Pain Relief and Improved Circulation


Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine |Diversi



  • Pain Relief: Effectively targets and alleviates foot pain and discomfort, ideal for conditions like plantar fasciitis, neuropathy, and other chronic foot issues.
  • Enhanced Circulation: Promotes better blood flow, reducing swelling and improving overall foot health.
  •  Muscle Recovery: Aids in muscle recovery and relaxation, perfect for athletes and active individuals.
  •  Stress Reduction: Provides a relaxing and soothing experience, helping to reduce stress and improve sleep quality.


Why Choose Our Foot Massager?

  • Advanced Technology: Combining EMS, TENS, and EPT for superior muscle stimulation and pain relief.
  •  Infrared Heat Therapy: Proven to enhance circulation and accelerate healing.
  •  User-Friendly Design: Easy to operate with a user-friendly interface and portable design.


【FSA - HSA】 The Cleared Class II Medical Device uses EMS and TENS high-tech, relax stiffness muscles and nerves, reduce swollen feet and legs. Our product has F certificate, is FSA or HSA eligible item. It is safe and effective, so you can buy our foot circulation massager with confidence.
【Relieve Pain & Improve Circulation】 Creliver Foot Circulation Plus machine designed to penetrate deep, right to the source of the tension or pain. Promote blood circulation and relaxation, improve foot neuropathy and relieve body pains. Especially suit for elder parents and also suitable for anybody who spends a lot of time on their feet or experiences severe foot and leg pain.
【EMS + TENS + EPT】 The Foot Nerve Muscle Massager uses triple medic tech. Adopts the latest innovative electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and Electronic Pulse Therapy (EPT). EMS is for foot stimulator, TENS is for body stimulator, EPT helps to improve local circulation. 8 TENS pads, which can help to relieve different body parts that the foot unit can't help with, including ankles, calf, knees, back, shoulders, arms, neck.
【Easy to Use】 No noise! No vibration! No limit for foot size! The Electric Foot Stimulator has a large display on the machine that can be used with a remote control. 99 different intensity levels and 25 various stimulation settings can be easily adjusted. The design of Massager Roller helps with Plantar Fasciitis. Choose a setting that works best for you for an optimal relaxation experience, reduce muscle tension in the comfort of your home in just 25 minutes.
【WARRANTY】 The Electric Foot Massagers uses ABS material meets F's medical grade materials standards. Strong compressive capacity is enough to bear 100KG weight. Do not use if you have DVT, pacemaker, pregnancy. We promise a free 30-day trial period and lifetime limited Warranty. If not satisfied, please contact us directly. Caring for the health, starting from the feet The feet are the farthest away from the heart in the human body. If the peripheral circulation of the feet is obstructed, it is easy to cause poor blood circulation, which in turn leads to poor metabolism and decreased body tissue and organ function.
Carrying out foot massage can make the blood circulation of the feet smooth, promote blood circulation throughout the body, accelerate the body's metabolism, and make your body healthy and functioning normally. When a person is old, the body functions begin to decline, and some degeneration of the feet occur. The ligaments and muscles are not as strong as when they were young.
The structure of the feet has changed, and the normal weight-bearing and walking functions cannot be completed well. 
Various physical problems also slowly revealed. 25 Stimulation Modes and 99 Intensity Levels 25 Stimulation Modes EMS simulates 25 kinds of acupuncture and massage techniques of foot therapists via 25 kinds of electromagnetic waves, the 25 various modes including scrapping, squeezing, massage, acupuncture, cupping etc.
It combines acupuncture point theory of Chinese medicine and Western biologic electromagnetic wave physiotherapy effectively to help you easily do massage at home, relieve feet and legs pain, relax fatigue and soreness, and give you a good day!
99 Intensity Levels 1-99 kinds of electromagnetic wave intensity to meet your required ideal result in a proper sequence. Everyone can find the most suitable massage intensity here. Comfortable massage will take away the fatigue of your day, make you fall asleep quickly, and bring you a full of vitality. Adaptable for Full Body Treatment (8* Electrode Pads)
The TENS therapy can sending electronic pulses to the foot or body muscles through foot pads or self-adhesive electrode pads. The physiological result is that the foot and calf muscles contract and release, creating a pumping action. This action effectively prevents blood from pooling, which greatly helpful to relieve aches, pains and cramp of feet and legs. Not only it helps in providing relief to the feet but also provides relief from various other problems of the body.
Note: Stick the pads to the clean, dry and smooth skin, apply a few drops of water on the pads to extend adhesion before use. Moisten the pads again when you are finished, then put them back on the plastic film included after they dry naturally. Repeat the above after every use to extend longevity. (We provide replacement pads)

Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine |Diversi
Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine |Diversi
Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine |Diversi
Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine |Diversi
Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine |Diversi
Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine |Diversi
Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine |Diversi
Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine |Diversi
Vibrating Foot Massager Infrared Electric Circulation Machine |Diversi


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